Valentines Fun at The Clift in San Francisco

Valentine’s Day historically means flowers, teddy bears and chocolates. Don’t forget to call ahead for a dinner that you have done the past 4 years. Or try throwing a curveball this year. A recent trip to San Francisco with my significant other left our relationship feeling rejuvenated and alive. Amongst the gorgeous scenery, endless wine and amazing seafood offered by the city, we found ourselves sleeping in a hidden gem. On the busy streets of San Francisco it is easy to be overwhelmed by the congested streets and unconventional landscape. The Clift hotel, located in Union Square, offers a romantic and stimulating experience that is the perfect escape for a special Valentine’s weekend that is out of the ordinary.

Arriving outside the Clift hotel, the conventional facade is un-telling of the experience within. Leaving the foggy streets behind, through the double doors, into a lavender scented lobby, it is hard to miss the eclectic group of chairs, Salvador Dali original art pieces and branches resting against the wall.

The Clift hotel has the most expensive chair collection on the West Coast and one in particular you will find yourself gravitating towards. An iconic oversized chair that is a blast to the past to your younger years. Only the brave make the climb into the comforting arms of the chair and quickly are put into perspective of how big this world can be. The perfect excuse to feel like a kid again, the journey the top is surely Instagram worthy.
Just beyond the unique lobby is arguably one of Northern California’s most unrivaled lounges. The Redwood Room is a place unlike any other. Dim light walls fill a room of the rich and the famous, travelers from far and close, and residents from down the street. The Redwood carved walls trap in the smells of Brussels sprouts infused with duck fat, crispy fries topped with a secret house made aioli sauce, top shelf whiskey and spicy Margaritas to name a few.

In an atmosphere that is lively, but romantic, one cannot help but notice the wall art. Out of a Shakespeare poem, the portraits of a love pentagon come to life. Each life size picture on the wall of a confused at heart individual panning eyes back and forth from the one they lust to the one they love will surely capture your attention. The story unfolds before your eyes and tops the amorous atmosphere of the Redwood Room.
While most restaurants wind down as tables are cleared and guests see themselves out, the Redwood Room does the opposite. The bar begins to fill in spaces and the music begins take control. Dinner turns into a night of dancing and a Valentine’s Day unlike any before.

Check out Their Valentines Day Specials for Luxers

The Pillow Talk begins the night before V-Day, at a free 90’s PaJAMa dance party featuring “Rojai” from Bayonics, a warm-up set from Sonny Phono (I HEART 90’s), and JBOOGIE closing out the night with of all your favorite 90’s tracks. Too shy to approach that person you’ve had your eye on all night? Drag Queen Cupid will be delivering purchased Valentines all night. February 13th, 9 p.m. – 2 a.m.

On Valentine’s Day, excite your senses at a (another!) free event in the Velvet Room. Red Light Litis a literary journal presented in a live format that explores love, lust, and sexuality. Come experience provocative readings and evocative musical accompaniment in a suggestive environment, curated by Jennifer Lewis and Veronica Christina. February 14th, 6:30 p.m. to 9 p.m.?

The romance continues on into the night, and throughout the month of February, with a special sweetheart of a package – IN LOVE – which includes a champagne turndown service and a continental breakfast in bed. From $239 per night.

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