Upcoming Event: Love Beauty + Wellness Festival

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Here at Weekendelux, we care about looking our best and doing our best. As they say, “look good, feel good.” There is only one problem; we often use products to look good, which are actually not good for us. Luckily, we have found a solution.


Make your next vacation an uplifting one as well. This month, the Hudson Loft in Downtown LA is hosting the Love Beauty + Wellness Festival. For one day you can hear healers, educators, and creators speak about natural beauty and holistic wellness.  Whether you are new to meditation, or a holistic guru, finding the motivation to take better care of yourself is never easy. Luckily, all of the tools you can imagine will be in the heart of Los Angeles this summer.


Retail pop-ups will also be present so you can try all of the non-toxic beauty products you’ve been hearing about. Expect to see brands such as Moon Juice, Café Gratitude, and Zenbunni Chocolates! If you are looking to meet like-minded, green-influenced individuals, or just another excuse to visit the City of Angels, you may want to check this festival out!


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