Sweet Skin

Painless hair removal? Keep reading. Sugaring LA in Manhattan Beach is the spot to go to for those unwanted hairs. Sugaring LA believes that natural exfoliation for all types of skin is the best way to remove unwanted hairs. Their website mentions, “Sugaring not only exfoliates the dead skin cells, it removes hair in it’s natural direction eliminating breakage and in-grown hairs making it possible to remove the hair as short as 1/16 inch.”

We loved the service that we got at Sugaring LA! We got our eyebrows done and we must say that our eyebrows are on fleek and the surrounding skin is very smooth. All the services offered are done by licensed and trained estheticians with experience in the beauty industry. So if you are nervous because it is your first time you can be assured that you will received the most exceptional experience!




But before you go booking your appointment, they have wonderful products that will ensure your first Sugaring lasts long! We also bought the Hylunia National Fruit Acid Exfoliant which is a natural facial exfoliator that uses gentle, anti-oxidant rich ingredients to remove dead cells, unclog pores and leaves your skin feeling baby soft and looking radiant!

Isn’t that amazing? Going to Sugaring LA you get a lot of benefits; pure and natural ingredients, more sanitary, less painful, not so hot, better techniques, and most importantly gentle! For more information on a exfoliation visit their website at sugaringla.com and make your appointment today!

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