Summer Favorite: Pressed Juicery

Summer is approaching and in LA that means one thing: JUICE SEASON. Cold pressed juice is the go-to fix for a hot summer’s day. Not only because is it delicious, but your stomach will thank you as well. While we do enjoy many brands of cold-pressed juice, we must admit that we consume Pressed Juicery more than our wallets would like.

With locations now in five different states, Pressed Juicery is highly concentrated in Southern California, where they originated. This trend is expanding and you need to get on it. Here’s a short list that will tell you why you need to try Pressed Juicery, like, now.

A drink that is this nutritious, it comes at a cost. Most cold-pressed juices range from ten to twelve dollars per drink. The average price of a Pressed drink is $6.95.

Unlike other companies with only a handful of drinks to choose from, Pressed offers nearly thirty different juices and three different cleanses.

What is a freeze, you ask? Only one of the greatest inventions in health-food history! With six different flavors ranging from Greens to Chocolate, a freeze is a healthier substitute for frozen yogurt. Freeze has the same consistency as frozen yogurt yet is vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, and sugar-free. It gets better; they have toppings! Holy deliciousness is all we can say.




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