Suja Juice Cleanse

Spring Break is right ahead of us and we searched for a juice cleanse to get us into gear. We tried the Suja Juice 1 day cleanse and we liked it so much that we just might try the 3 day cleanse! It comes with six delicious 16 fl oz. bottles that make the convenience of juicing so easy! The packaging is SO cute, it comes in fun colors and includes all the ingredients and cute catch phrases.  To top it off everything is completely organic and GMO free.

Suja makes cleansing super-easy. Honestly, everything was great tasting and surprisingly very filling. These juices are perfect for beginners to experienced juicers who want to take a few days off and give your digestion a break. Throughout the cleanse you’ll find the flavors you like which you can learn to incorporate into your daily diet. You can purchase the cleanse on Amazon and have it delivered right to your door. They also carry these juices at your local Whole Foods.

Our experience: It’s an enjoyable cleanse to do because all the flavors are so good and surprisingly filling. You will feel cold drinking these juices throughout the day and it’s normal to experience a few headaches. We enjoyed the convenience of pre-made juices because it was nice not having to cook or buy any meals. Our favorite flavors are the Fiji, Glow and Vanilla Cloud. The Fiji juice is the 4th drink of the day and it is quite possibly the best green juice known to man! Glow comes in a close second place for best tasting green juice. We loved ending our day drinking the Vanilla Cloud, which tasted like dessert and heaven all wrapped into one.

The 1-day juice cleanse retails for $55

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