Stagecoach Fashion

Stagecoach is one of countries biggest events has thousands of people traveling to Indio for the weekend. With thousands of people around you want to stand out, but for good reasons. First things first, heels or wedges are not a good idea. This type of festival has minimal seating. Most of the time the only place to sit is on a blanket on the floor. Which brings me to my second fashion don’t, miniskirts. If you don’t mind sitting on your knees the whole time then wear a miniskirt. A perfect alternative to this dilemma is a miniskirt with a sheer fabric over it. A white or beige is the perfect color for a spring festival. A big trend that I have noticed year after year is American flag jean shorts. These are perfect for the event and easy to match with a plain top. What’s a country festival without a cowboy hat and cowboy boots? If you own them, wear them. A word of advice, make sure the boots are comfortable. If you don’t own a pair of comfortable boots, sandals are perfectly fine. Cowboy hats don’t look great on everyone or can get annoying throughout the festival. If you fear this a flower crown is a great asset to a spring styled outfit. A girl can never go wrong with a light weight dress paired with a cute pair of sunglasses. Stagecoach is a very laid back, yet fashionable festival.

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