Sensual Candles To Light The Mood

Are you ready to step your lux game up this Valentine’s Day? Don’t express your love through little candy hearts this year, we have the perfect sensual gift that will add the romance to anyone’s Valentine’s Day.  Bestow et al is lux collection of curated candles created right here in Venice, California. Each candle displays a different piece of artwork that was hand created by their artist Norton Wisdom that is perfect for any space and personality.


Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, they created a Valentine’s day duo, Bestow Love and Bestow Passion.This collection is forsure to light the passion for the whole evening with one simple match.

The Bestow Love features the signature smell of sensual tuberose with notes of orange, coconut and hint of musk. The Bestow Passion has a grapefruit essential oil scent that will forsure get the mood set for a perfect evening. Don’t bore your partner this Valentine’s Day by just getting the basic chocolate and flowers, lux up your day by adding an erotic Bestow curation…We know we will be. 

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