Outsmart Your Beauty Tricks

Are you looking to brighten your teeth for a special occasion? Maybe a hot date or an important business affair? Well no need to worry or feel self-conscious, we got you covered on the best product to assist you with your beauty regimen!


What do you get when science and beauty products mix? A smart beauty product that works of course. Check out this beauty product by Smart Sciences. This at home teeth whitener is very easy to use and promises to whiten your teeth 10 shades whiter in as little as 20 minutes, according to their website.

First off, it is a starter kit that includes:

  • Upper and Lower Trays that you custom fit to your mouth
  • One 5-ml syringe of whitening gel
  • Two vitamin E sticks
  • One LED light for quick results
  • A maintenance pen for whitening on the go

It’s pretty easy to use too. You just take the mouth trays and mold it to your teeth. After your done molding you put the syringe and whitening gel into the mold you made. Once that’s finished, you take the LED light and put that against the moldings in your teeth, this will accelerate the whitening process! After that you rinse your teeth off with cold water. Easy peasy right?


The bubble gum flavor starter kit package.

That’s not all, this at home product is FDA and dentist approved which means it is safe for your daily beauty tips and tricks. We love this product! Our teeth are whiter after the first use. Of course we have to start drinking our pick-me-up’s with a straw, but its all worth it in the end! Purchase yours today in mint or bubble gum flavor and have a whiter smile faster than fast food service!


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