No Money, No Problem. Ways to Travel The World… Free (or close to it!)

For anyone thinking, “yeah right, I can’t afford to travel,” this is for you! The reason you might think time away is going to cost a fortune is because hotels, car rentals, activities (and everything else) comes with a price tag. However, there are many alternative ways to travel that not only save money but allow you to engage with local communities and people in ways that will absolutely immerse you in a whole new culture and outlook on life. Here are a few tips on how your next trip could cost little to no money:

  1. Volunteer in exchange for accommodation: Websites like Work Awaylist hosts in all different countries around the world that let you stay with them in exchange for a few hours volunteering throughout the week.
  2. House sitting: Take care of someone’s house, pets and gardens while they’re away. Websites like Mind My House help play matchmaker for homeowners and home “watchers” around the world.
  3. Travel hacking: While this is something that mostly benefits American travelers, credit card rewards programs offer benefits for everything from free fine dining to free hotel stays to free international flights. Travel hacking can help you use your rewards points wisely and ultimately travel for free.
  4. Couchsurfing: One of the better-known free methods of travel is couch surfing where you can host or stay with people around the world. People likely to host you couch surfing are travelers themselves who know what it’s like to be on the road.
  5. Teach English abroad: There are so many ways to teach English all over the worldwhere you actually get paid to travel! The beauty of a TESOL or TEFL certification is that you get trained on the job and once you have that certificate you can teach anywhere!

Yes, plane tickets cost money, but adventure is priceless! You would be surprised to know how little money you need to see the world!

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