Nails Galore at Olive and June!

Don’t forget your precious hands and feet in your beauty regimen. Treat them at Olive and June Nail Salon located in Beverly Hills, Calif. Their business is based off the idea, “A New kind of neighborhood nail salon founded on the idea that getting a manicure and pedicure should be downright lovely. We keep all of your preferences on file. We make it our business to know if you like to have your cuticles pushed back, drink coffee or tea, or if you’ve committed to Geranium on your toes!” Wow such a lovely salon, when we went they took the initiative to get to know us as life long customers and they explained every cute packaged they offered! They are known for their nail care packages with cute names such as, “The Emma”, “The Olive”, “The Margot” and more.


We loved “The Dree”, the classic service for shiny, natural-looking nails. Finished with a nourishing treatment or specialty top coat of your choice. For the pedi we got the classic eco lover delight, “The Margot” their luxe service is customized with organic beauty products selected from a few of favorite California brands. We got to soak out feet in eco-friendly products!


Next time your in town make sure you stop by this cute and trendy nail spa. It’s not your average nail salon, so be surprised when you get treated with eco friendly products and cute quality service.

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