Must Eat At This Weekend: The Carving Board in LA

The carving board prides themselves on serving their food fresh and made-to-order daily. They strive to be as creative as possible while providing their customers with the most delicious meals and excellent customer service. The restaurant is ran by three brothers that have a passion for adventure and excitement and feel that these factors should be present in their restaurant environment.

If you find yourself in the Italian mood this weekend, make sure that you check out the new Spaghetti and Meatball sandwich called the “Spaghetti Meatballwich” at The Carving Board Sandwiches. This three-store franchise has created the most wonderful sandwich in the world. This spaghetti meatballwich is homemade meatballs held together by spaghetti noodles that have been griddled together until they hold like a bun. To top it off they add homemade marinara sauce and a thick slice of mozzarella cheese that melts in your mouth the minute you indulge in a bite.

“The food here is heavenly! We just got the Bentley and the midnight snack sandwiches and they were both excellent.”

Along with the Spaghetti Meatballwhich, the menu has a variety of 20+ sandwiches on the menu, from a French Dip sandwich to a short rib grilled cheese.

Forget whatever diet you have been on this week because this weekend all healthy eating habits will be thrown out the window. Live luxuriously at The Carving Board this weekend!

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