How to Be a Minimalist When Traveling

Whether you’re packing for a business trip or going on vacation, traveling light is key.  Especially in a time where airliner’s are hiking up the prices for any type of luggage.  Being a minimalist will save in both financial and mobility terms, and surprisingly, it will help you fashionably.  Rather than sifting through multiple wardrobes and accessories, stressing out over what to wear, narrowing down your outfits will save you so much time and anxiety.  Here’s how to think and pack like a minimalist:

1) Pack the Right Shoes: In our opinion, this is one of the hardest clothing articles to be “minimal” about.  Every outfit deserves a different shoe, right?   This is often the #1 mistake that people make when trying to pack lightly.  Shoes are heavy, take up a lot of luggage space, and are often never all worn.  You need multi-purpose shoes (sneakers for active outings), and versatile shoes (boots with a small heel that make any outfit look good—whether you’re wearing a dress or pants).  You might also want to bring a pair of high heels in case your party decides to get fancy.

2) Layer it up or down: Layering your outfits will give you more flexibility not just for looks but for weather changes. For example, a cardigan, a button down shirt, a camisole, a tank top and scarf can be combined in multiple ways.

3Bulk it Up, In Transit:  Depending on weather, sometimes the cutest jackets/sweaters can be pretty bulky. Wear them while traveling—it’ll keep you warm when in-flight, and save you a lot of luggage room.  If you want to take knee boots, it’s a good idea to wear it in-flight, too.

4) Accessorize for Multiple Looks: A trick to spruce up your minimalist look is accessorizing.  Accessories take up such little space and weight, and will add the finishing style to any look.


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