Juice Cleansing with Paleta

Summer is coming soon and every girl we know is cleansing. We decided to try a quick 2 day fix for a special weekend event that was coming up and after hearing rave reviews,our mind was set on Paleta. Paleta delivers your cleanse straight to your front door, which we all know is not only LUX but super convenient. We were able to customize our cleanse online with all the flavors that sounded best and were excited to have it show up at our front door 2 days later! We chose 5 juices and one “milkshake” each day and they all came in a very cute Paleta bag to keep them cold. Not going to lie, the first day is a bit difficult, espeically towards nighttime, but we stayed strong! After sticking with the cleanse for 2 days (yes this includes cutting coffee and alcohol) we had NEVER felt so amazing! The natural energy is crazy and it really makes your cravings for fast food diminish as you don’t want to put those things into your newly clean body. Overall we LOVED this experience and will do it again!

You can see more about Paleta here! 

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