Insta-worthy LA Coffee Shops

With all of the hustle and bustle in L.A. we all need a kick for that extra boost in the morning to get our day started. We either start with a hot cappuccino or the simple cold brew. Either way, coffee isn’t just a drink anymore; it is a way of life. Los Angeles natives like to get work done at hip coffee shops with unique tiled floors and their unique display of art on the walls. Once we are acquainted and take our first sip of coffee the first question that pops up in mind is, “How am I going to share what I am doing?” We debate on the full-frontal latte art insta-post or should you do the wall/shoe selfie combo?

Alfred Coffee


Alfred Coffee, Melrose Place

If there were a coffee spot that perfectly embodied L.A., it would be Alfred Coffee. With four locations all over Los Angeles and a new one on the way, Alfred’s is the chic coffee shop with geometric tiled floors and walls. It compliments it’s perfect slogan “But first, coffee” with their impromptu photoshoot atmosphere. At Alfred Coffee you can add a chocolate-dipped waffle cone with your coffee to your pleasing. The menu also includes a $10 latte complete with vanilla or chocolate almond milk from Pressed Juicery. Not to mention the baristas are all wearing Rag & Bone, talk about a classy coffee shop!




Coffee Commissary

With several shops spread across Los Angeles, your perfect cup of coffee is just around the corner. This edgy industrial-chic feel coffee shop complements it’s well-crafted cold brews. This place is known for their bold black and white walls, along with their single-origin pour-overs and blends.




Coffee Commissary, West Hollywood

Intelligentsia Coffee

Founded in Chicago back in 1995, Intelligentsia has become one of L.A.’s most iconic fixtures in the coffee scene. Social Media enthusiasts can gush about the shop’s cool vibe. Visit the Silverlake location for blue-and-white mosaic floors and pic a spot in in the spacious patio. Or scavenger over to the Venice location where you will find high-design space, with clean lines, chrome accents, and an ivy-draped atrium.



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