How to Embrace Last Minute-Itis

Afraid of the last-minute-itis?  Have you canceled your plans/vacation due to anxiety from not having a plan?  Well, don’t be.  Sure, planning in advance helps you see and do what you want to do and see but by creating structure, you’re also creating expectations. Not planning clears up any expectations and can really liven up the experience and more often than not create some of your best memories. Being impulsive and spontaneous can feel freeing.

Here’s some advice from yours truly, on how you can make the most out of last minute planning:

Snag Deals on Hotels and Airlines

One of the perks of planning last minute is that travel deals are loaded with discounts and last minutes bargains.  Peruse social media for travel experts, websites, hotels, airlines for any specials.  Check out the #TravelTuesday hashtag to find the latest offers.  Also, check out some great last-minutes hotel and airline websites like,,

Snag Deals on Activities

It’s probably a good idea to stay away from extremely touristy activities.  Because of the high tourist rate, costs and wait times just might not be worth it and will have you wishing you planned in advance.  Let’s stay away from activities that will give you anxiety.  Check for any deals on outdoor, pampering, or dining activities.  You can also check,,,

Ask the Locals

If you’re tired of searching for deals, put away your phone and walk to a restaurant or café.  Spark up a conversation with a local and get the details straight from them.  Have THEM plan your trip for you.

Enjoy Every Moment

While looking for deals and activities last minute can help create experience, it’s also important to step away from technology and take in what is standing in front of you, or next to you.  Enjoy the moment whether you’re traveling alone or with a friend.

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