Hot Air Balloon Adventure!

If you are a thrill seeker keep reading. If you’re afraid of heights, close your eyes…or open them, it’s a beautiful view!

It’s the perfect season to go on a hot air balloon ride with your best gal or significant other.

Sunrise Balloon has been established since 1975 and retains a successful business of flying their clients around Temecula, California. You can fly with just your family, a group of people to split the price, or just an intimate session for two! They treat every occasion as if it was their first. Each flight comes with a champagne treat and a specialized banner if requested. If you’re not a drinker, they serve non-alcoholic beverages and gourmet refreshments.


The best part was we flew with just a group of us girls! Prior to the flight we took a limo to the location, which they also offer! We enjoyed the amazing narration, view of old and new wineries, and the grape vines captured the Temecula essence. All around us we saw blue beautiful skies, the perfect sunset, and other colorful balloons flying simultaneously, while enjoying our complimentary champagne glass.

After the hour long balloon outing, we had a fun and educational winery tour of Monte De Oro. Such an eventful day all within the same location! Check out Sunrise Balloon’s at, up, up, and away you’ll go!

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