Hardrock Hotel Palm Springs

This summer we are showing you the luxest places to vacay in our very own sunny southern California. Our first weekend getaway was at the Hardrock Hotel in Palm Springs. Palm Springs is one of our favorite places with the dry heat and the amazing pools theres not much better. Hardrock Hotel is new to Palm Springs and we just had to try it out! Boy, were we happy. The Hotel is gorgeous out front and in the heart of downtown Palm Springs. Checking into our room the concierge at the front desk asked us if we would be interested in the drag show downstairs later that night. Our response was UHM YEAH! Literally one of the funnest experiences we’ve had. The pool was crystal clear ad surrounded by orange towels and drinks at the bar. After laying out and playing in the pool for a bit we walked to some shops downtown and had an amazing lunch. It really is the best hotel location in Palm Springs. Overall we LOVED our stay here and will definitely frequent!

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