For Our Girls Who Love Whiskey

We all know we’re big fans of good old fashioned girls night in. When else can you get together with your best girlfriends, throw back some drinks and just hang out? Well we have great news for all our girls out there who love whiskey and we HAD to share! Two words: Whiskey Girl. We first fell in quick love with Whiskey Girl after seeing the bottles (see below!), if you’re anything like us and pick your wines, beer and alcohol by the labels then we promise you won’t be disappointed to show this bottle off to your Instagram followers.


The whiskey comes in three different and unique flavors: apple & maple, butterscotch and peach! Apple & maple is a contemporary twist on a traditional “apple pie” while the butterscotch is quite decadent. Our favorite? The peach flavor! For your friends who don’t want to drink it straight, you can make great mixed drinks with all three flavors. We’re big fans of whiskey sours over here so of course we made the Peach Sour using the peach flavor.

You can find out where to buy Whiskey Girl here. We highly suggest it for any upcoming girls nights or even bachelorette parties!

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