Fitness Grill for the Fitness Fans

The saying “you are what you eat” is true. Here at Fitness Grill you can tell others you consist of clean delicious food. This hidden little gem speaks volumes. Located in the heart of Yorba Linda, CA, Fitness Grill caters to the fitness demographic. The petite, brick-wall, French-style cottage makes you feel right in the middle of the French country.


It’s the kind of restaurant where your mothers’ cooking and the weight scale are friends. If you want to splurge a little, but still look great simultaneously this is perfect! It’s a cute spot to take your swolemate and expand your palette.

Though the aura is French themed they have a variety of foods to taste. From fish tacos to Thai wraps, you don’t have to bust out your calorie counter app, Fitness Grill already has that on their menu. They sure know they attract gym aficionados!

We enjoyed their ‘Berry Berry Salad’, the green and fruit tones right before our pizza was exquisite! It was the perfect starter for our portion controlled meal. They have a ‘Free-Style Pizza’ where you customize your dough to your toppings! Of course, what’s a meal without a fine glass of wine? They have a sit-down bar if you want to sip and enjoy the live entertainment.


On the weekends they have local artists who share their music or perform amazing renditions of well-known musicians. Great food and music, it’s the perfect duo for a healthy and serene evening!

Get your fix and visit Fitness Grill today. Fitness Grill is open daily till 9 PM.

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