Eating on the Pier: Malibu Farm

At last an organic and clean restaurant with a perfect view at the end of the Malibu Pier. Malibu Farm restaurant is known for their fresh, organic, and local products. Helene, Malibu Farm owner, started the restaurant a few years ago out of her own home and backyard. Her dream of opening up a restaurant at the end of the pier is no longer a dream, but reality!

All of the food on her menu is known to be clean and local. Helene says, “We are not a big corporation or funded by investors, we are a locally owned small business. Our food is super simply prepared, there are no secret ingredients, and many of you have been to my home picking produce and cooked the very same recipes we use at the cafe.” A petite, healthy restaurant with the perfect view and grand menu is the quintessential spot for any meal of the day.

We enjoyed their grassed beef burger which consists of a brioche bun, harvarti cheese, pepperoncini aoli, tomato, arugula, red onion and side of broccoli mashed! It was definitely the best burger we ever had! Also, at Malibu Farm you can order an Organic Freshly Squeezed Juice for added health benefits – the watermelon juice was the perfect drink for that summer ambiance!0e61bd27caf13fb4ed3b1ff1775fabe9


Reservations are a necessity if you are dining for the view, if you can’t stay and eat ordering online is also an option. Not only can you order online or dine in, there are catering options for your special occasion. Helene definitely knows how to run a small local business that caters to the busy LA demographic. Check them out and make your reservation today at

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