Earth Bar

Earth Bar is a true Los Angeles staple that is committed to bring the highest quality nutrition to people looking for easy and fast ways to adapt a healthy lifestyle. It originally began in 1971 but it re-launched in 2007 in West Hollywood. Two years later, they made a smart move by partnering with Equinox Fitness. This, along with their “food as medicine” philosophy really put Earth Bar on the map and it quickly gained popularity in Los Angeles. This partnership increased brand awareness and it was an incredible opportunity to introduce their delicious, clean and healthy juice recipes to the young, beautiful and high-end clientele that Equinox is known for. Due to high amounts of customer requests, they opened up new locations. Today, they have 17 Southern California locations and they are expanding rapidly.


Our three favorite menu items are the Green Detox, Gimme Greens Juice and their classic Acai bowl. Their juices are made of the highest quality ingredients, which are 100% organic and cold pressed. Each bottle is nutrient dense and contains the equivalent of three pounds of organic produce. Head to your nearest Equinox Gym or Earth Bar location to try it out today!



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