Dating 101: The New Rules

By now, hopefully everyone reading this understands that the dating game has changed thanks to our millennials.  With apps like Tinder, Bauble, and Coffee Meets Bagel, dating is as easy as ordering pizza — at times extremely satisfying, other times…not so much.  But the point is, multi-dating is at an all time high.  Playing it cool is over.  Boundaries re-drawn.  Times are a-changin’ as the dating rules are being re-written.  Embrace yourselves…we’re going back to Dating 101 in the modern era.

1) Old Rules: Don’t Google them, it’s creepy
New Rules: Do Google them, it’s smart.
In a world where you can find essentially anything and everything on the internet, why wouldn’t you want to Google your potential interest?  Think of it as a movie trailer.  Would you ever pay for a $15 ticket stub or spend two hours watching a movie without getting a preview of it?  If you have time to waste or if you like the spontaneity then stay away from researching.  But if you have no time to waste and you want to avoid any disastrous dates, get on with the pre-screening.
2) Old Rules: Be patient
New Rules: There is no time for patience

In the new world of social media and instantaneous communication, waiting a few days or even 24-hours for a response is as antiquated as sending a messenger on his horse.  Is your interest playing coy or hard to get?  Move on to the next because ain’t no body got time for that.  Want something?  Go after it.  That doesn’t make you desperate; it makes you empowered.

3) Old Rules: Be genuine

New Rules: Still be genuine

Although we are in a digital world where we’re communicating behind technology vs. face-to-face, it’s still very important to be your genuine self.  Upload profile pictures that represent you.  Please, no abs selfies or group photos — let’s keep it simple, straight forward, and clean.

4) Old Rules: Look for the perfect man with no flaws

New Rules: Everyone has flaws, don’t confine yourself to your idea of the “perfect man”

The idea of having a “type” should be obsolete.  You may find the “perfect man” but they might not be the right one for you.  You may find someone that you didn’t originally classify as the “perfect man” but you might find that he’s the perfect one for you.  Think outside the box.  Not everyone looks like Channing Tatum.

5) Old Rules: There’s no time to waste, you’re not getting any younger

New Rules: Take your time, you can never be too old to date

This rule might sound conflicting with the previous rules.  Earlier we told you not to waste your time on hold-ups.  That’s different.  When we say “take your time” we mean, take your time with yourself.  Many people (especially women) find themselves in a panic because they’re reaching beyond their 30’s and still can’t seem to find the one.  Dating should exhilarate you and bring positivity to your life.  There’s no rush.  Went on a date that went terribly?  What’s the big deal?  Okay, great, on to the next.  Don’t beat yourself up on making the effort.  The traditional mindset that we should be settled earlier than later is flawed and women today are more independent, strong, and self-reliant than ever before.  That’s a beautiful thing!  Embrace it.  Be honest with yourself and remember who you are whether you’re single, dating, or married.

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