Coachella Fashion

If you haven’t heard of Coachella, it’s possible you live under a rock. The festive has gotten so huge that it is now offered for two different weekends. Double the weekends means double the fashion. Coachella offers such a broad selection of music, which brings all kinds of different people together. The one thing everyone is looking at and can agree on is if what you’re wearing is trendy. Don’t let the camping and fringe fool you, it’s a very high fashion festival. Fashionesta’s will be in everything from a simple attire, to bohemian sheik. For most festival goers, heat plays a role in what they decide to wear. Light weight material is the way to go. Loose fitted pants are ok, but may become uncomfortable in the heat. Maxi dresses and shorts are never a bad option, but make sure to pair them with cute accessories. Like most music festivals, I would steer away from the wedges and heels and stick to flats, boots, or sandals.

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