Breakfast at Beverley’s

The Farm of Beverly Hills is committed to buying farm fresh, locally sourced and organic products whenever possible! According to their website, “Since 1997, The Farm of Beverly Hills® has been serving up Innovative American Cuisine™ for Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner. The menu showcases a sophisticated mastery of simple Farm Fresh™ ingredients carefully chosen for quality.” Breakfast in Beverly Hills is the perfect place to eat clean and walk the high class fashion streets. This place is the quintessential spot for a classy fine dining breakfast. Bring your girls and enjoy their classic breakfast dishes!


We loved the Pulled Pork Hash with crispy hash potatoes, roasted onions and peppers, bbq pulled pork and two eggs sunny side up! And you know what? The good part is they use whole, clean, organic products that are good for your body. Oh…since they have been open since 1997 they have been known for their perfect brownies which they serve daily. After our hearty breakfast we chowed down on their warm fresh baked brownies, which are moist on the inside with a light crisp top sprinkled with a dusting of powered sugar!


The next time you are in town make sure to stop by The Farm of Beverly Hills, you won’t regret it! You’ll have a healthy and classy breakfast nook, while surrounded by the best tourist spots in Beverly Hills. Don’t forget to shop till you drop while you’re there! If you want more information visit their website!

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