6 Chic Way to Dress up your Pumpkin

Undecorated pumpkins are basic, which you are anything but. We harvested six ways to glam up your gourd this year. From stuffing it to studding it, check out these great ideas to give you a fab autumn house. Feast your eyes on these pretty pumpkins to get you in the spooky spirit.

1.) Flower-fill it. A flower-filled pumpkin makes the perfect vase for parties or your home just in general. Cut the top off, scoop the seeds out, and fill it with the prettiest flowers fall has to offer. Why can’t pumpkins be sold year round!


2.) Monogram it. Add a personal touch to your gourd far beyond October 1st by monogramming it with paint, glitter, studs; whatever you like! If you are feeling extra crafty, paint multiple pumpkins to spell out a message or serve as a name card on a place setting.


3.) Paint it. Ditch the traditional basic orange and black color scene and paint pumpkins in grays, whites, blues (or whatever matches your home décor) to make a statement this Halloween.

Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 11.04.36 AM

4.) Metallic Leaf it. Covering your traditional gourd in glam colors can go a long way in the glam gourd life. Covering it in gold, silver or copper leafing instantly makes it look modern and adds a major element of glam to your house.


5.) Stud it. You can get as creative as you can be with this idea because you can do so much with studs in general! Spell a trendy word out with them or your name, maybe even a letter. Shiny studs definitely dress up pumpkins and you can even paint your pumpkins before application if you really want to make them interesting.


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