5 Best Home Fragrances for Fall

Now that it’s getting darker earlier and chillier, it’s time to make sure your lair is chic and cozy. There is no speedier way to change your home’s atmosphere than to add a rustic fragrance. We are giving you five scents. Here at Weekendelux, we are giving you the 5 best fragrances for your Fall home that range from candles to linen sprays to bundles of sage. Use them for your home buy them as gifts, nonetheless they are perfect for Fall.

1.) Tabaco Beeswax Candle – Coqui Coqui $57
Fall calls for moodier, smoky vibes so this tobacco-leaf scent definitely hits the spot. Enrich your home with some Hispanic culture with some tropical aromas. The distinctive yet subtle fragrance of picked tobacco leaves with notes of tart, juicy citrus. Also, it’s black; black everything.


2.) Portable Fireplace Scented Candle, D.S. & Durga $65
For those of us who don’t have the luxury of having a fireplace in our homes this candle is the answer to all of our dreams. Warm up your house with the scent of wood with hints of smoke like a fireplace. Birch Tar and Copaiba resin to recreate the smell that lingers after the fire is extinguished. When it’s gone keep the peach glass to store flowers or desk trinkets.


3.) Aromatherapy Spray In Lavender Vanilla, The Honest Company $7
This subtle, yet rich scent of lavender vanilla is perfect for your air and fabric freshener. Sometimes vanilla can be too sweet, but this one is perfect for spritzing on fabrics and around the house for that perfect fall aroma.


4.) Kyoto Candle, Comme des Garcons, $75
This candle smells like the woods, smoke and incense all at the same time. It is a dry and calm fragrance that will take you in a meditative journey to the serene temples of Japan. It is serene and earthbound, a quiet power to calm you in a Fall storm.


5.) Sage Smudge Bundle, Juniper Ridge $12
Sage is said ward off evil spirits, but sometimes people just like performing the ritual. This is the perfect time of the year to burn some sage in your home. Juniper Ridge is a destination for all things wild and lovely made with no charcoal and sustainably harvested.


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